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Appliqued Pocket T-shirt

Have you seen the new applique pockets?  They are so super cute! Let your imagination run wild with a new design.  This is a simple design that I made for Gracie.  It's the first of many appliqued pockets!  Love them!!!

It takes very little fabric to create this adorable pocket.  You can actually not embroider on the pocket and have a functioning pocket.  Simply take a t-shirt, quality thread, fabric (scraps are fine for this project), a good pair of scissors, temporary adhesive,  a sewing machine and your set!  If you don't have an embroidery machine, you could use a blanket stitch.  The fabric is doubled folded so that there are no raw edges when appliqued.  Trim the excess fabric from the pocket once stitched in place and start the applique!  Love, love, love this technique!!!  In the picture below, I've already appliqued the pocket to the shirt.  You can see the small ziggy stitches.  My machine is going over those stitches now with an embroidery stitch.  Cool??
Just finished the applique work and now starting the embroidery stitch around the pocket.

All done!  Walah!!!  Love it!!!!
Like I said, this is the first of many little t-shirts that I've appliqued!  Gracie actually took a few orders for me at her school.  Super popular right now with the kids and some adults as well!  Think it turned out pretty cute???


  1. Hi, I was curious to how do you position the pocket to ensure that it is in the correct location on the tee. I have been trying this technique and I love it but, everytime I try the pocket is either to far left/right/up or down....

    Thank you!!

    1. Good morning!!!! Rule if thumb is..... 6 inches down from center neck and 2 inches over. Clear as mud???


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